lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

Paseo del Domingo - Sunday walk

20111002_181852 by Haemmboerger
20111002_181852, a photo by Haemmboerger on Flickr.
needed that extra bit of fresh air, so train to Vallvidrera, and then walking through "unchartered" terrain to Reia Elisenda;) well, didn't really stray to far from civilication, but hey ;) since I had my cool blanket with me, I even managed to get an afternoon snooze in (hence the pic here). well, not sure what will follow next weekend, but we'll see... by the way, started my new job today as Operations Manager of the SOE team. good team, but lots of work... can't be too easy now, can it ;)

cool thing: last week I started running again, with L., a tammate, who also lives close to the Montjuic. dude, the stairs are killing me... But Barna at 7:30 in the morning is great...

he necesitado mas aire fresco que normal, pues cogiendo el tren hasta Vallvidrera y despues andando hasta Reina Elisenda me precie una buena opcion. y por que tuve my manta, he podido disfrutar el sol, estaba durmiendo un ratito, jeje. no estoy seguro que hare el finde que viene, pero vale, vamos a ver. tambien hoy he empezado mi nuevo trabajo como manager de operaciones de equipo de SEO. un equipo muy bueno, pero mucho trabajo... no puede ser facil ;)

otra cosa: le semana pasada empeze con running otra vez por el Montjuic con L., una compi de trabajo. las escaleras me van a matar, te lo juro... jeje pero Barana por la 7:30 por la mañana, que chulo...

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lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

unos dias en Alemania - Trip to Germany

20110911104806-1 by Haemmboerger
20110911104806-1, a photo by Haemmboerger on Flickr.
Pues para arreglar las cosas de mi padre fui al alemania. Estuve alla por unos dias. y el tiempo con mis hermanas fui muy bien... vale, y la comida alemana ;)

todavia estoy triste por mi padre, pero vale... es la vida...

una cosita que he olvidado en mi ultimo post... en marzo empeze con leer libros en castellano... por fin!

leyendo ahora: Miguel Strogoff - Julio Verne


so in order to sort out my fathers things I went to Germany for a few days. quality time with my sisters and german food...

still sad about the loss, but hey... circle of life...

and what I forgot in my last post was, that in March i was finally able to start reading books in spanish. man, am I happy... I'm getting there ;)

currently reading: Miguell Strogoff by Jules Vernes

miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 2011

Summer news

090920071099 by Haemmboerger
090920071099, a photo by Haemmboerger on Flickr.
what happened in the past 6 months? too much. I can't even remember myself ;)
  • job is going well. passed my probationary period and went to Chicago for a week there in July to the headoffice. Sitting down at lake Michigan, viewing the skyline wasn't a bad experience ;)
  • visited Mallorca (Thanks C. for the invite). fiesta de espuma en Palmanyola, hehe.
  • moved into a cosy lil flat in Poble Sec. Love the walk in Montjuic once in a while (plus the visits to this outdoor bar - chirringuito - up there.)
  • B. visited me, also J.D. and T., J + C., M., so did my brothers.
  • was finally able to start reading books in Spanish! yay!
  • went to Madrid twice. Watched my first bull fight there. missed the best one out of the the six fights since we went to the toilet ).
  • had about 7 or so dinner parties at my place.
  • won the first place in a costume party in Hierba Buenas.
  • started compiling this google map with my favourite places in Barcelona.

well, and last week my dad passed away... hence that photo here... not sure yet when the funeral will take place, but looks like I need to pop over soon... he died just 2 days before his 80th birthday. and no, he didn't suffer... but still... :'-(

hoping you are well!

P.D.: testing this outbound link to a cool hotel in Valladolid.

martes, 6 de septiembre de 2011

Archiving - moving from Typepad to Blogger

Since Flickr no longer supports posting to Typepad (and I am too lazy really to move all my pics or do it manually) I decided to move to Blogger. Blogger now has the great feature though that everyone who posts more than 50 items a day is a spammer. that includes someone who imports his old blog...being marked as a spammer now means, that you can't post pictures direcly from Flickr. heck, that was the reason why i wanted to move to Blogger...

Soo... my personal workaround (instead of changing the import file and reducing it to maybe 45 post) was, to just import them to a blog that I will not use, and add link to that one, calling it archive. voila:

there you find all the old posts from 2007 - 2011.

cheers, Klaussi Martillo