miércoles, 3 de julio de 2024

Paperwork, NIE and Cita previa - Back to Spain

So, you are in Spain, unemployed, and want to request your NIE (or change the address from your existing NIE)? (NIE - numero identificacion extranjero, like an ID card)

Here some tips that might get you going.

  1. Call 060 (Spanish only, I think)
  2. They will very likely refer you to this site https://sede.administracionespublicas.gob.es/pagina/index/directorio/icpplus

Not so obvious requirements (apart from volante empadronamiento, pay the fee - taza etc)

  1. In Andalucia (might vary in other regions) you need to have at least 7,300 Euros in the bank (go to your bank for a stament (estado de cuenta), plus let them stamp it - sellar).
  2. From the private medical insurance (which you must have) - print ALL pages, so they can see what is covered. Ideally, get these documents stamped from the insurer (or bank)
  3. bring your proof of payment for the medical insurance (again, stamped...)

If you are at the Police station, and just one doc is missing... you may ask them, if you can come back the same day. They MIGHT allow it.

Note: Once all is approved, you will get the NIE right there, they will print it during the appointment. No need to come back later.

Feel free to add comments :) stay safe all!

To get an appointment might take in some cities up to 3 or 4 weeks. The better your are prepared, the less likely it is you will have to go back (and need to wait another 3-4 weeks...).