jueves, 24 de noviembre de 2022

Getting to Uruguay

Am here 8 weeks now, 3 left. It was dream to get to know Uruguay, ever since I had this interview with Tata in Montevideo, in 2016.

Thanks to my bosses trust (which I earned, I guess) they had no objections for me working from Uruguay for 3 months.

Funny sidenote: my boss ist Mexican, and works from Punta del Este, hehe

A bit of a setback when flying here... I thought Covid was over... But no...when checking in in Mexico City, they asked for my full vaccination history, plus a medical insurance, specifically including Covid... So, while I ran to take a quick Covid test (negative, yeah),my beloved Tanita bought the health insurance...

10 hours stopover in Bogota, Colombia, where my dear colleague Andres picked me up from the airport, and then we went for lunch with colleagues. yummy arepa del choclo!

The flight then to Montevideo was a bit messy, but hey ­čśů

The lady I was renting from (Rossy) gave me very good instructions how to get to Balneario Las Flores, and she even reserved a bus ticket for me! Buses have Wifi, so she knew I was on the bus. Rossy and her husband Augusto even went to pick me up at the bus stop ♥️

And yes, I came here with two suitcases...external 24 inch screen, and my favourite pillow. So picking me up was appreciated ­čĄŚ

the cabin I rented is about 200 metres from the beach, I work Mo - Fri, and have the weekend to explore.

More of what I have seen and learned, in a different post then.

Stay safe ­čĄŚ

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